Top 5 best free antivirus software In 2020

Top 5 best free antivirus software


I'll count down the top five best free antivirus software to both Windows and Mac with ease of use system impact and overall effectiveness being the most important factors.

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Number 5

Sophos home free

Sophos home free best free antivirus software

starting off our best free antivirus countdown at number 5 is Sophos home free, while it's well known as an anti-virus solution for businesses their Home Edition also gets very good scores from independent labs.

if you want to control it remotely they offer cloud-based remote management for multiple computers allowing you to change the security settings and address any security alerts from any location their user interface it's simple enough to figure out.

I should point out that there is no quick scan button available but they do let you run a full system scan whenever you want.

Sophos home free gives you a 30-day free trial of premium after the 30 days unless you upgrade the premium features go away and you'll still have access to the program with the free features included for use on up to 3 devices.

Number 4

Avira Free antivirus

Avira Free antivirus best free antivirus software

it's still highly customizable and does very well in testing they claim to be light and fast but on an older laptop I down their system impact to be quite heavy so I don't recommend it on older computers with the virus you can do a quick scan and at any time you can disable real-time protection.

but what I find troublesome is that with opera the anvira installer even made it the default browser on my system without my permission but if you're someone that can look past those issues a virus free antivirus is still a quality program to consider

Number 3 

AVG antivirus

AVG antivirus best free antivirus software
number three is AVG antivirus free, it offers the exact same antivirus protection engine as Avast which purchased AVG a few years back while AVG antivirus free does lack some of the extra features of its free Avast.

it does offer excellent protection from viruses and malware it also helps to block suspicious lengths and email attachments and prevents suspicious.

downloads there dark-themed interface easier on the eyes, you've got your basic protection included for free with the features for full protection locked away unless you upgrade do a quick scan click on scan computer for additional scanning options.

go into settings here you can do a scan of your entire computer along with other types of scans to avoid any unwanted programs.

be careful when installing AVG antivirus free they'll give you the choice to install their AVG secure browser just make sure to un-tick the boxes. 

Number 2

Windows 10 microsoft's  Defender

Windows 10  Defender best free antivirus software

Windows 10 microsoft's  Defender provides comprehensive, built-in protection at no extra cost.

 if you have Windows 10 Microsoft's built-in Windows Defender may be all that you need while their protection scores have improved quite a bit over the years it's still only recommend it as the primary antivirus for those people that practice low risk behavior online,

Number 1


Malwarebytes best free antivirus software

1st one is malwarebytes the free version doesn't automatically run in the background so it won't interfere with your antivirus software just run it on occasion to scan your computer.

it does a fantastic job of removing malware In Your System.

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