Top 10 Netflix Original Series | Best Shows On Netflix

Top 10 Netflix Original Series | Best Shows On Netflix

Top 10 Netflix Original Series | Best Shows On Netflix

I'll count down the top ten best shows on netflix, series that you can watch right now on Netflix.
To qualify the best netflix series must be current with new episodes release since last year or be an active development with a new season forthcoming also the show must be listed as a Netflix original.

Number 10

After life
Best Netflix series After life
8.5/10 : IMDb
74% : Rotten Tomatoes

let's get started starting off our best netflix series countdown at number 10 is the British comedy-drama after life which premiered in March of 2019.
it stars Ricky Gervais as Tony who's nice guy persona is altered after the sudden passing of his wife making life hell for those around him if you're a viewer that gets easily offended the first few episodes might be difficult to get through but if you can make it through the end of the first season you'll be glad you watched it.

Number 9

Narcos Mexico
Narcos Mexico Best Shows On Netflix
8.4/10 : IMDb
88% : Rotten Tomatoes

Number 9 best shows on netflix is the biographical drama narcos Mexico which is a companion series to the original narcos that was set in Colombia and ran for three seasons narcos Mexico takes place in the 1980s tracing the origins of the modern Mexican drug war beginning with the rise of the Guadalajara cartel.
if you enjoyed narcos, narcos mexico won't disappoint it features the same production values with fantastic performances.
season 1 premiered in December of 2018 that the second season landing on Netflix in February of 2020.

Number 8

The Crown
The Crown Best Shows On Netflix
8.7/10 : IMDb
89% : Rotten Tomatoes

Number 8 best netflix series is a historical drama Crown.
 it's about the life of Queen Elizabeth the second from her 1947 wedding to Prince Phillip to the present because the show covers a large gap of time new actors are cast every two seasons the crown premiered on Netflix in November of 2016.
three seasons in total have been released and has been renewed for an additional two seasons but the fifth and final season covering the reign of the Queen into the 21st century.

Number 7

Stranger Things
Stranger Things Best Shows On Netflix
8.8/10 : IMDb
93% : Rotten Tomatoes

Number seven is the science-fiction horror drama stranger things.
For those of you yelling at your screen what the hell only number seven a few stranger thinks is the best show ever calm down take a deep breath and contact your therapist if necessary. This is our personal list.
There are now three seasons available on Netflix with the first premiering in July of 2016 and has been renewed for a fourth season enjoy the series.

Number 6

The Witcher
The Witcher Best Shows On Netflix
8.3/10 : IMDb
67% : Rotten Tomatoes

Number six is the fantasy drama The Witcher it's based on the book series of the same name and premiered in December of 2019.
There's also a video game series of The Witcher that is wildly popular the story takes place in a fictional medieval world known as the continent. 
It stars Henry Cavill as mutated monster hunter Geralt of Rivia who possesses a lifespan greater than the average human the first season does get off to a rough start but does find its footing as the season concludes so don't give up on it after a couple episodes.
The Witcher has been renewed for a second season to be released in 2021 

Number 5

The last Kingdom
The last Kingdom Best Shows On Netflix
8.4/10 : IMDb
91% : Rotten Tomatoe

the last Kingdom takes the number five spot this British historical drama is based on a series of books by Bernard Cornwell it premiered in October of 2015 and is set in England during the 9th century.
When it was divided into seven separate kingdoms it follows suit red who was born a Saxon raised by Vikings seeking his ancestral birthright and helping to create a new nation for the first two seasons the last Kingdom was produced by the BBC with Netflix taking over as the sole producer beginning with season 3.
All three seasons are available now on Netflix and has been renewed for a fourth which is expected sometime in 2020.

Number 4

Ozark Best Shows On Netflix
8.4/10 : IMDb
81% : Rotten Tomatoes

Coming in at number four is the crime drama thriller Ozark which premiered in July of 2017.
it's about a financial advisor played by Jason Bateman living in the Chicago area.
when a money laundering scheme goes bad with a Mexican drug cartel he relocates his family to a summer resort community in the Ozarks of Missouri where he gets involved with local criminals.
this is a well-written enacted show that will have you on the edge of your seat two seasons are available now with the third releasing on March 27th of 2020.

before we get to our top three here are some other Netflix originals that might be worth your time to watch

the psychological thriller 

You Best Shows On Netflix
7.8/10 : IMDb
90% : Rotten Tomatoes

Dead to me
Dead to me Best Shows On Netflix
8.1/10 : IMDb
90% : Rotten Tomatoes

fantasy drama based on a DC Comics character

Lucifer Best Shows On Netflix
8.2/10 : IMDb
87% : Rotten Tomatoes

the British mystery thriller miniseries

The stranger
The Stranger Best Shows On Netflix
7.3/10 : IMDb
83% : Rotten Tomatoes

Altered carbon
Altered carbon Best Shows On Netflix
8.1/10 : IMDb
75% : Rotten Tomatoes

Black mirror
Black Mirror Best Shows On Netflix
8.8/10 : IMDb
83% : Rotten Tomatoes
4.9/5 : Facebook

The Kaminski method
the Kaminski method Best Shows On Netflix

8.2/10 : IMDb
90% : Rotten Tomatoes

Bojack horsemant
Bojack horseman the Best Shows On Netflix
8.7/10 : IMDb
93% : Rotten Tomatoes

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones Best Shows On Netflix
8/10 : IMDb
83% : Rotten Tomatoes

Number 3

Dark Best Shows On Netflix
8.8/10 : IMDb
94% : Rotten Tomatoes

now it's time for our top three and coming in at number three is our only foreign language entry dark is a German science-fiction thriller that made its debut on Netflix on December 1st of 2017
it's about the dark past spanning three generations of four families living in a small town in Germany the show's often may compare to stranger things and while there are supernatural elements involved the mysterious plot is a lot more compelling than the Afra mentioned series
all I can say is just watch it and you'll understand why it's better two seasons are available now with the third and final season expected sometime in 2020.

Number 2

Mind Hunter
Mind Hunter Best Shows On Netflix
8.6/10 : IMDb
97% : Rotten Tomatoes

the runner-up spot coming in at number two is mine hunter this crime drama a psychological thriller first premiered on October 13th of 2017 set in the late 1970's and early 80's.
it follows a pair of FBI agents along with a psychologist who operate the FBI's behavioral science unit they're responsible for interviewing imprison serial killers to better understand how they think to help solve ongoing cases it offers an interesting look into criminal profiling with performances that will creepy out.
the second season was released on October 16th of 2019 while intended to run for five seasons mine hunter has been put on Etha net whole while executive producer david fincher works on other projects.

Number 1

Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders Best Shows On Netflix
8.8/10 : IMDb
92% : Rotten Tomatoes

taking the top spot for a second straight year coming in at number one is peaky blinders it's crime drama is produced by the BBC and is listed as a Netflix original here in the states its first season premiered way back on September 12th of 2013.
it follows the dysfunctional peaky blinders gang in England after the end of world war one what makes the show great is the special attention paid to character development fantastic writing high-quality production values and excellent performances from the entire cast.
five seasons are available on Netflix right now and has been renewed for a sixth no release date has been announced yet 

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